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Pope Francis v2
January 11, 2015

Pope Francis

The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love.

Pope Francis

God has been very good to this country, extending His comfort and love through His faithful servant, Pope Francis. Many times I have been in the cross roads, thinking whether to give up this religion or not, but when the new Pope chose to name his papacy after St. Francis, I thought I should remain. The life of St. Francis has always been my inspiration, shunning from wearing accessories or expensive watches and trying to live as simple as I can. Pope Francis, I believe, helps everyone whose pursuit is to live this life embracing what is true and who are truly important.

Jorge Mario Bergogli at Salesian School (1948-1949)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio (fourth boy from the left on the third row from the top) at age 12, while studying at the Salesian College. (Photo by: Wikimedia Commons)

This world is overwhelming and to focus your eyes on Jesus and St. Francis’ simplicity, are our constant challenges. Thank you God for the answered prayer, for your faithfulness and for Pope Francis who is a true inspiration.

#‎PopeFrancisPH‬ – A 5-day Retreat!

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