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Here is my sketch collection of the great leaders, innovators and game changers of the world (Caption from: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). This is my tribute to their great contributions that changed this world for the better, forever.  Teaching leadership to young and new leaders for a decade now made me realized that I can’t really teach leadership inside the classroom but can only show it in action or demonstrate it in the real world. However, I am still a work-in-progress as a leader and my knowledge could still be weak. I realized that the best way to teach leadership is to tell the success  stories of the famous great leaders of the world.

These great leaders are the center of the leadership insights I share in my blog and the inspiration of my art. I am a newbie in sketching so be nice. My sketches are executed using pencil and charcoal on sketch pad.

Please do leave a comment down here if you have something to share about leadership or your interests in art.

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Learning and Culture Director at Stellar Philippines
Fran Saguindang Riego de Dios, MS has been in training and leadership development for more than a decade now. In earning her Master of Science in Biology degree, she joined the College of Science and Mathematics faculty of MSU-IIT and published her studies in Asia Life and Philippine Scientists Journals. For her, moving into the corporate world felt odd at first but with the scientific method and discipline in her backpack, it has become a fulfilling experience. You may also visit her personal Science Blog Site at Live Well. She also enjoys music (sings and plays the piano) and art (portrait sketch).
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