Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it. All my money has been invested into experiments with which I have made new discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life.
– “A Visit to Nikola Tesla” by Dragislav L. Petković in Politika (April 1927)

Nikola Tesla was the leader of the practical application of electricity. His dream was for people to have unlimited access to electricity and should enjoy it without spending any money. Electricity was clearly a gift from Above. He partnered with capitalists like JP Morgan and Thomas Edison to help him fund his experiments. His ideology caused the fallout as these businessmen were only to cash out on the inventions, of which was opposite to his wishes.

Nikola Tesla on Time Magazine 1931
Nikola Tesla on cover of Time magazine for 20 July 1931

Photo by: TIME Magazine

Alternating current (AC), light, x-rays, radio, remote control, electric motor, robotics, laser, wireless communication and limitless free energy were just a few of his great inventions of which obviously  changed or literally lit the world . Nikola Tesla had hundreds of other inventions that were not patented under his name. It didn’t matter. He was only willing to lay the foundation and it is up to the future generations to put it to use. A lot of his ideas were stolen from him but again, it didn’t matter. He died penniless, alone, but successful because to him, success is when people of the future enjoy what he had worked hard for in his lifetime.

I remember Pope Francis’ homily when he officiated a mass in Cuba. At the end of his homily he said, “You must live to serve, not serve to live”. Most of us aspire for a higher rank to attain higher compensation. We wanted to be given the leadership title first before we show leadership attributes. We wanted to run for government office so we acquire wealth or will have greater opportunity of earning more. These bogus leaders are not going to work hard to make their people’s lives easy but they expect that their people serve them instead. We forget that we will one day die and that God won’t ask us if we were successful on earth but if we did something relevant for our brothers and sisters.

Leadership is not a job; it is a call for service. We should not serve to live, we must live to serve.

Attributes: Tenacity, Determination, Selfless

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