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Steve Jobs v2
August 16, 2015

Steve Jobs

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovation.

Steve Jobs

I reckon having a boss who told us that we should never ever say sorry, not even admit that we were wrong but instead spend more time perfecting whatever we were doing. I agree with the sense of perseverance but not the lack of humility. I was so disappointed to hear this from someone I truly admire. It is sad that leaders have gone so lofty that they have forgotten they are humans and they were followers then too and had countless mistakes. There is strength in admitting that you were wrong as much strength needed to start all over or move on.

Steve Jobs Rare Photograph
In this rare photograph, you can see how Steve Jobs looked at the lowest point of his career. It was taken for Andy Hertzfeld’s birthday in April 1993. From left to right: Mac programmer Andy Hertzfeld, Lisa and Mac programmer Bill Atkinson, Mac programmer and NeXT co-founder Bud Tribble, and Steve. (Photo by: All About Steve

Steve Jobs had projects that didn’t go as planned but it is in admitting that he was wrong that had helped him muster all the energy he needed to start all over. Innovation is the only signal that you send out there conveying that you remain green and will not wither. Steve Jobs also taught us that we continuously innovate. Some of us see innovation as sophistication, intricacy that are even far more confusing and complicated but I think Steve’s definition of innovation is to go back to the very basic of things and aim for clean, easy, straightforward and friendly utilization. Even a 3-year kid baby can get into your iPad applications without having to be taught how!

I believe Steve taught us to embrace the starkness of things. If in our leading people, things have gone so complicated and confusing, maybe taking-a-step-back approaches helps and then seek for the ultimate objective. Most leaders try to impress us with highfalutin words or introduce overly complicated systems that aren’t even applicable. Life is simple, leaders, so be humble and never stop dreaming.

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