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October 11, 2015

Ramon Magsaysay

The country is like a pyramid, a tower. It’s made up of millions of stones. And the foundation stones of this pyramid are the common people.

Ramon Magsaysay

Ramon Magsaysay was the Philippines’ 3rd president. He died in a plane crash which was lamented by the Filipinos for a long time. He was posthumously referred to as the “Idol of the Masses”. Ramon Magsaysay was the true leader of the masses, commenced with opening the gates of Malacañan (Philippine President’s Residence) to the public. He set up a medium to ensure that he heard everyone’s grievances and squared away issues. He was able to ensure that about 4,500 indigent families were given some 90,000 acres for farming purposes.

Amongst his great values were his integrity and humility.  He refused special treatment that most of our contemporary leaders expect. He refused that roads or streets or anything be named after him which again leaders of the recent times in direly need to ensure continuous popularity. When his driver violated the traffic rule, he refused settlement and demand that corresponding penalty be given. However, often times drove his own car. He also banned nepotism and corruption, being uninterested in money.

1951 Padilla Incident
Theatrical poster of the 1961 film The Moises Padilla Story that narrates the 1951 Padilla Incident (Photo by:

I did not know that this country had a servant leader, like Ramon Magsaysay. I missed the experience of witnessing a hard-working, honest and compassionate president. I never thought that someone like him, someone that these times need, existed. I pray that one day this country will have a leader as true as this man who did give land to the landless, fed the hungry, provide livelihood and most importantly created a government that was for and by the people.

Attributes: Humility, Integrity, Honesty, Compassionate, Heart for the Poor

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