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Muhammad Kudarat v2
July 25, 2015

Muhammad Kudarat

Be men. Let me aid you to resist. All the strength of my Sultanate, I promise you, shall be used in your defence.

Muhammad Kudarat

Muhammad Kudarat (known as Sultan Kudarat) believed that despite differences in beliefs, people in Mindanao (Philippines) can live in harmony with one another.

He fought against Spain’s invasion and succeeded. However, he also signed a treaty allowing the Spanish missionaries to set up Christianity in the island. This is why that up to this recent times Catholic people are still able to freely exercise their faith and beliefs. (As a Catholic daughter of Mindanao, I owe my freedom to exercise my faith and belief to this great leader.)

Sultan Kudarat
Sultan Mohammad Dipatuan Kudarat – a great Muslim leader that ruled over his Sultanate of Maguindanao (now Mindanao) from 1619 to 1671 (Photo by:

Respect for diversity and belief in building relationships are integral attributes of great leaders. This allows commonalities to bind the relationship established. It also ensures diversity which paved the way to a greater and holistic development among the team members and higher probability to discover new insights and ideas. Being results-oriented leader is very vital to the success of the team but remember that the first step into influencing your people to deliver results, is to establish strong relationship with them. This is the most strategic way to get long term results.

Attributes: Respects Diversity, Open-Minded

Sultan Kudarat, A Mindanao Hero, Mindanao’s Most Powerful Ruler –

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