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Marie Curie v2
September 6, 2015

Marie Curie

Never be overcome either by people or by events.

Marie Curie

Without Madame Marie Curie we wouldn’t have Radium and Polonium in the Periodic Table, there would have been many more dead soldiers during the war with her mobile x-ray; and most importantly the radioactive treatment of tumors and cancers may have not been discovered. She’s the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize (with her husband Pierre Curie) and to date, the only woman to have received 2 Nobel prizes. She was a wife, a mother of two, then became a widow and once was also shrouded with embarrassing scandal but she managed to emerge a winner in the end.

Marie Curie Mobile X-ray Unit
Before World War I, x-ray machine were very large, and too bulky and delicate to move. Marie Curie worked to create mobile x-ray machines for the French military after the outbreak of war. – Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

If there is one thing leaders, especially women leaders, will learn from her, it would be her tenacity or perseverance over the things that she strongly believed in. She had confidence in her gift and that its purpose must be achieved. It took her 4 years of labor work in the lab to isolate these elements while trying to make both ends meet for her family, alongside Pierre his husband. She was also fearless. Science research then used to be a men’s world. However, her contributions were integral discoveries which earned her the right to break through that boundary. When Pierre died, she was depressed and people expected that it was the start of her demise. Surprisingly, after her 7-month period of mourning, she slowly reconciled with her will, went back to the lab and won another (her second) Nobel Prize.

Dyplom Sklodowska Curie
1911 Nobel Prize Diploma (Photo by: Wikimedia Commons)

I believe leaders are blessed with intelligence with a strong drive to pursue what was founded. However, some have used their brilliance in the wrong things. Some leaders used their almost perfect strategy not just to win over but to hurt people or steal from people. This is not what these gifts are for.

I am one of those who think like Nobel, that humanity will do more good than evil from new discoveries.

Attributes: Perseverance, Fearless, Confidence, Ability to Overcome Adversities and Intrigues (by sitting silently in her lab working on the things she believed in)

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