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Jose Rizal v2
December 30, 2015

Jose Rizal

One only dies once and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.

Jose Rizal

Most of us are cognizant about the life Jose Rizal lived. I don’t think it is still relevant to provide a brief of his life and accomplishments, like I usually do. I agree in most of his ways specifically his own method of revolting against the Filipino oppressors. He focused on educating the people. He used a pen, not a gun, to galvanize people to take action. He knew that he was going to die given the strength and the power of the enemy but his love for his country and the people was stronger than his fear. He did not die in vain. His death was his most poignant message to all of us. His death motivated Filipinos to do more in defending the land.

Rizal Execution
A photographic record of Rizal’s execution in what was then Bagumbayan. (Photo by:

A strong legacy is what us leaders must aim for. We don’t measure our success by the money we earn from the title but by how many people we have helped to become the best they can be. How many of your people live and teach the key lessons they learned from you? We don’t need to wait until we are nearing the end of our life to straighten up our reckless actions. In whatever stage or phase of life you are at, you can already make a difference in the lives of others. We don’t use a sharp tongue or an iron fist to influence our people. We educate them on why it’s necessary to do what we are teaching them to do.

Attributes: Great Communicator, Passionate, Fearless

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