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Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
July 18, 2015

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Leaders always aim to do great things, which are noble, but in the pursuit of such ambition, we forget about the reason why we want to do great things. Why do we want to achieve them? Do we do if for ourselves or for the love of going through the journey and the people we lead? Apparently, there are leaders who miss this point because they want success so badly. They become abrasive, selfish and unforgiving.

Reginald Brownette with Mother Teresa

Reginald Brownette (far left) with Mother Teresa (fourth from right) in Bourke, New South Wales, Australia – Photo by Brownette Family (

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta also known as Mother Teresa once said that God didn’t choose her to be successful but to serve. However, she built a congregation which has over 5,000 sisters serving across the globe. She, along with her followers, provided home to the ostracized people with Leprosy and AIDS. This kind of work we find uncomfortable or risky but she was able to endure this great sacrifice, no matter what the odds were, because she loved.

Mother Teresa –

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