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Bill Gates v2
October 25, 2015

Bill Gates

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

Bill Gates

We all know that Bill Gates is giving 95% of his wealth to charity. That unimaginable amount will be spent for passionate and brilliant people who will find solutions to alleviate poverty. What an inspiring way to spend wealth. In the midst of people scrambling for wealth and fame just to be able to experience all the luxurious things that money can buy, someone has already attained immense amount of wealth but is more concerned about those who do not have food to eat or not even have the opportunity to go to school that teaches how to read or write, at least. Yes, it’s not about Bill Gates anymore it is about those who need these resources the most.

cochairs LeeHighSchool
Bill and Melinda Gates at Lee High School during the Texas learning tour – Houston, Texas, 2008 (Photo by:

In the realm of leadership, most leaders think that it is still their show. They do their very best to get credit for it and then blame their teams for being indolent and stupid. They forget that their role is suppose to influence as many people as they can and teach how success is attained. These followers will take themselves through that journey (carrying with them what they learned from their leader) so that when they reach their goal they can say that they did it themselves. So would you rather achieve the goal yourself and then go back to the team asking them this: “Where will you guys be without me?”

Gates Foundation Visitor Center
Exploring the Innovation & Inspiration Gallery at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center, 440 Fifth Avenue North (East of Seattle Center), Seattle, Washington 98109

The test of leadership is when in your absence, your team members will be able to follow-through with the actions and achieve the goal they are set to achieve. Therefore, if you want this, start empowering your people! Entrust them with critical tasks that they can learn from. You will be amazed of the results. When you give them the task, do not leave them just yet. Stay behind, watch and be ready to help when need be. Allow them to feel that sense of fulfillment and when they commit mistakes, bring them back to the process steps and allow them to identify what the gap was. Teach them to identify their own mishaps and ask them what they can do to prevent or correct them. Empower them by giving them tools that could allow them to independently resolve issues and avoid them in the future.

Be genuinely happy for your people’s success. It’s not about you anymore; it’s about creating many stars to contribute to this society.

Attributes: Compassionate, Sensitivity, Creative, Passionate

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