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Ninoy Aquino v3
August 21, 2016

Ninoy Aquino

Filipinos are worth dying for.

Ninoy Aquino

Realizing the spectrum of leadership, one may discern that it could be one of the ways to sainthood. You should be ready to sacrifice your life for an immeasurable cause. Are you ready to die for your people, like Ninoy Aquino?

Ninoy being escorted by military
A moving screen shot of Aquino as he was being escorted out of the plane by military personnel, less than a minute before being killed.

He knew he was going to die upon coming back home but the Filipinos wanted him to come back and so he came home and faced his fate. He chose to die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life. He lived a normal and ideal life in America and he could have just lived there with his family forever but he was the leader of his people so he had to come home for his people and die for them.

As a leader, one must be selfless and ready to sacrifice one’s happiness or even life. However, some of us may have had leaders who chose to leave in times of difficulties or who would be absentees when crises arise. They are there for the fun times and grab credits. Someone we call leader, who denies his belief to please the wrong people. This picture I believe is rather common. Clearly most leaders don’t know why they are called leaders, they only have the title that will somehow justify their wages.

Attributes: Great Communicator, Perseverance, Passionate, Valor

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